Graphic blog dedicated to Seo Yuna (Yunaria) & Kwon Mina (Minaring) from AOA.
Yunaria + Minaring = Yunaring
Anonymous said: hi, do you know any youtube channel that posts aoa videos? sometimes i wonder what video gifs are from, but don't know where the video is from. thanks.

Just search ‘AOA HeyDay’ on outube, and all their channels should pop up. Better than that though, just go to AOA TV. (:

HOT SUMMER ‘Twinkle’ feat. Mina’s excitement over Jeju.

AOA 민아
Sudden Attack Gameplay Dub

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Sudden Attack (서든어택) _ AOA 민아 Gameplay Dub.

yuna ♡ mina ; for seracentric
afeelingofrelief said: Your gifs are so perfect I can't~!

Thank you, we appreciate the compliment! (:

「 ミニスカート 」-short ver.-

I’m so sexy, even if I don’t show skin ~

「ミニスカート(Japanese ver.)」

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